Deck Restoration Pressure Washing

Deck Cleaning, Deck Pressure Washing and Deck Restoration

The ProWash wood care program will provide superior results to any outdoor wood surfaces ranging from decks, gazebos, swing sets to fences.

Has your deck or wood fence become weathered, dingy and gray?  Are you thinking replacing the deck or fence as the only answer?  ProWash has a much better solution that can save you much time, money and certainly a lot of aggravation.

  • Above are images of a recent job after pressure washing where we used Ready Seal (Pecan) and the owner loved the color.
  • Sometimes depending on the condition of the wood we can apply a brightener in order to bring out the natural color of the wood before it is stained.
  • We can also replace any rotten or damaged wood before cleaning and staining.

Deck Sealing and Stain Tips

  •  Check the weather reports carefully. You may need three consecutive days with no rain including sufficient time for the deck to dry out: the day before you apply the sealer, the day you actually apply the sealer, and the day after it was applied.  The products are oil based, penetrate into the wood and need a moisture level of 12 or less.
  • We recommend not to use solid stain or paint on the floor part of the deck because it always blisters, peels and cracks.  However any rails and spindles can be painted  or stained with a solid color because they’re vertical and don’t tend to peel or crack like the floor or steps.
  • Sealing a large deck will need several cans, mix all the batches together in one container (if possible) to insure color uniformity and consistency.
  • Always try to apply sealer to wet or damp sealer. If you choose to apply two coats, do it while the first coat is still wet.  With stain it generally recommended to wait about 45 minutes before applying a second coat.
  • Brush out any runs or puddles quickly.
  • Check the label of your specific product. Older wood may need up to twice as much. Measure your deck and try to buy only what you need.
  • Try not to apply sealer during the hottest part of the day, or when the wood feels hot to the touch.

Rely On Our Experience with No Worries

After we have thoroughly pressure washed your deck or fence now it’s time to reapply a beautiful finish of your choice. With a variety of colors designed to enhance the wood grain, not cover it up, we will help you select what is right for your project and you’ll know the job is done right.

With a regular maintenance program ProWash Cleaning Services will help keep your wood looking its best and avoid costly issues with splintering, warping and cupping that could occur to unsealed wood.

Stains & Sealers

We offer you choices from leading stain and finishing products.  Stain applications should only be performed by a trained technician using professional equipment and products. ProWash are trained experts in deck pressure washing and restoration.

Follow the linked image/logos below to find out more about our recommended professional finishes, including helpful information and color charts:

Having a deck or fence that looks brand new is within your reach, contact us today for a free consultation.